Our Litigation team is involved in all aspects of civil litigation, including disputes arising out of real estate, contract and commercial transactions, realizations, shareholder rights, professional errors and omissions and malpractice and negligence/personal injury litigation. Our focus is to solve that which is solvable and litigate that which must be litigated. We emphasize success, cost-effectiveness and above all, the real-world needs of our clients. We:

1. conduct trials and appeals at all levels of Courts and tribunals;
2. participate in all forms of alternative dispute resolution;
3. conduct legal research and prepare opinions; and,
4. examine witnesses and documents in the discovery process.

At Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP we are there for our clients in their most stressful and difficult times, namely, initiation or defence of litigation. We understand that clients, whether repeat consumers of litigation services such as insurers, institutions, or individuals that only touch the justice system once in a career or lifetime, demand experienced, successful, aggressive and goal oriented resolution of those disputes.

Whatever your dispute, we have the professionals, the staff and the procedures to successfully navigate the stormy waters that are litigation and to bring you to port safely. We well understand that initiating, or being the subject of litigation, from the most simple to the most complex class action litigation, demands trusted and goal oriented assistance.

We have a team of senior, experienced litigators and paralegals to be able to appropriately staff and engage in litigation on our clients’ behalf at whatever is the most cost effective, efficient and successful level required.

At Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP we do not unnecessarily “team” files such that the client discovers, to their financial detriment, that there are innumerable and faceless professionals working on and billing your litigation matter. At our firm, the responsible counsel is always available, knows your case, can personally answer your questions and engages you in the decisions that must be made to successfully prosecute or defend your claim. Our goal is to ensure that the service provided is to your complete satisfaction.

Our litigation lawyers and professionals are leaders in their fields and are regularly involved in presentations and lectures for the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., the Canadian Defence Lawyers, the Defence Research Institute, and the UBC Faculty of Law. Our litigators have published and continue to publish articles of current interest on leading edge concepts and trends in the litigation field ranging from fiduciary duty and conflict of interest, spoliation, Daubert hearings, class action litigation and risk management. We provide risk management seminars to clients and practical hands on advice as to how to handle both thorny and commonplace problems so as to avoid litigation. We embrace alternate dispute resolution by mediation, arbitration and direct resolution.

Contact Danine Griffin, Paul Arvisais or Brent Loewen for further information.