Business Law

Commercial activity is the lifeblood of our economy. At Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP we assist entrepreneurs and companies, small to medium size business organizations, proprietorships and partnerships in commencing, structuring, and growing their commercial activities. We work closely with other accounting, insurance and tax advisors to ensure that corporate and commercial problems are anticipated, planned for, structured and accomplished in a manner that is cost effective, timely and goal oriented. Our corporate commercial team works with you hand in hand to grow and manage your business and to avoid the pitfalls and difficulties that a failure to plan can involve. We maintain a full corporate records service for companies, societies, limited partnerships and other forms of business structure.

Our Corporate  Law group handles all sorts of commercial transactions, including: shareholder and partnership agreements, the purchase and sale of businesses, incorporations, amalgamations, and other commercial agreements. We incorporate federal and provincial companies, draft various forms of agreements, assist in the negotiation of agreements and in the closing of transactions.

Contact Antoine Gariépy or Mark Braeder for any Business Law matters.